Rod Stewart continues to wow fans after expertly blocking an overtake on Indian Ocean Drive

Rod Stewart has once again impressed his legion of septuagenarian fans by pulling off an iconic driving manoeuvre while returning to Perth after a little day trip up North this afternoon. 

Witnesses say the boomer-icon was sitting pretty on 80kp/h for ages until he saw the lane split into two. It was the chance the car behind him was looking for to perform a swift overtake to get on with their holiday.

Not. On. Rod’s. Watch. The sexy singer apparently put the pedal to the metal and tested every cubic metre of his 3.3-litre V6 Toyota engine. A witness told The Times,

“I was behind the car that decided to make a break for it. Rod really floored it. It was impressive to see. He gave it some serious juice right up until the point the overtaking lane stopped and then he simmered his jets. It was an iconic boomer move that you have to respect”

Another witness claimed that Rod was seen high-fiving his passenger after the move. Adding,

“It was a rockstar play. No two ways about it. I thought it was odd that Rod was towing a caravan for a day trip but I guess he had to put on the full show for his loving fans. What an all-round entertainer” 

After the dog act, Rod was seen leaving a caravan park with multiple rolls of toilet paper from the public facilities. 

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