REPORT: Perth Woman’s Electric Blanket Purchase Was A Little Bit Dramatic

A Perth woman’s impulsive electric blanket purchase has been labelled “dramatic” by her partner after she brought home the bed warmer device earlier today.

Aliesha claims that she cannot survive another Perth morning unless she has the blanket cranked up to the highest setting. A claim Joe rejects,

“We have flannel sheets, a big, thick doona, and a reverse cycle unit set to 28. Yet she still needs an electric blanket? Is she some kind of cold-blooded lizard? What am I dating?”

Aliesha denies the claims her actions were dramatic and doubled down saying she was looking at putting one on the couch in the evening too. Adding,

“Last night I slept in my Kathmandu jacket and a beanie! So when I woke up I made sure I’d never have to do that again! I holidayed in Canada a few years ago but this is exponentially worse I swear!”

Joe, unfortunately, runs a little hot and has serious fears he’ll sweat so much with the blanket on he’ll blow the fuse box in some Green Mile-esque scene. He also claimed he didn’t trust a pre-warmed bed,

“You get in and it feels like Clive Palmer has been ripping arse in your bed for 45 minutes after taco night. I find it very unsettling”

To help navigate the complexities of the new arrangement, the pair have agreed that the blanket only gets switched on once they are already in bed and on a mid-setting. 

Aliesha says that while her intentions are good, if she freezes on the way to the loo in the middle of the night she will “undoubtedly” cranks that ma’farker as high as she goes. 

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