Karrinyup Delights Kerr Fans By Announcing She’ll Be There All Week As She Tries To Escape The Car Park

Sam Kerr fans may have worried they missed their chance to see the WA soccer icon if they didn’t get down to Karrinyup yesterday for a meet and greet. However, the shopping centre has confirmed that she ain’t going anywhere at least for now. 

In true Karrinyup fashion, Kerr was swallowed up by the parking area labyrinth. This is bad news for her but great news if you wanted to get a signature. A spokesperson for Karrinyup told The Times,

“Come for the shopping and stay because you can’t find your way out, that’s what we always say. Thanks to our design she also can’t get any reception to call for directions. We expect she’ll be somewhere down there for at least a week. That’s the usual time isn’t it?”

It’s not all good news, however. As fans must also dedicate a decent chunk of their week to aimlessly driving around in their own attempt to escape. One such fan told The Times,

“I actually got here 2 weeks ago to buy a candle for mum. Without reception, I didn’t even know Sam was there today. I don’t even know what day it is. Anyway, now I’ve got a little extra motivation to make it through the maze. Maybe I’ll run into her?”

The Western Australian Government is considering sending in an extraction team to ensure the star is ready for her sporting commitments. However, they concede that it’s not that simple,

“Sure we can send others into their void but ultimately it won’t make much of a difference. Just more people doomed to become part of the car park furniture, so to speak. We wish Sam Kerr the best, she’s a great advocate for the State but she’s on her own here”

Good luck Sam, you’ll need it. 

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