Claremont Woman Forced To Drink Unfiltered Tap Water To Survive Mosman Park Ordeal

A Claremont woman has survived a gruelling hour and a half in Mosman Park after running into some mechanical problems after attending a house to buy a piece of furniture for her dog. 

Ordinarily, Jess would never take such a risk and send the help. Alas, her au pair had fallen sick that day. Unbeknownst to her, this would only be the start of her horror ordeal. She told The Times,

“It was horrible. I had a botox appointment that I wasn’t going to make and I forgot my San Pell. After some time the owner of the dwelling invited me in due to the rain. That’s when she offered me a glass of water”

RAC was running late and Jess knew she couldn’t hold out on hydrating a single moment more. If her skin quality drops even 1% she’ll be unable to leave the house for days. She continued, 

“I understand what Bear Grylls went through now. Oh god, it was horrible. I was gagging and wet heaving as this absolute cretin kept making quips about how nice the water is in Mossie P. I thought I was doing to die”

After an hour and a half, the RAC man arrived and saved her from her ordeal. A simple flat battery is what caused all this heartbreak. He recounted the scene, 

“When we got to the house she was pretty weak. I spotted the half full glass of tap water that she’d been forced to drink. We wrapped her in a chinchilla rug and followed her to the Boatshed to make sure she got there”

Once in the Boatshed, Jess stormed the gates and started rather unceremoniously guzzling artisan mineral water. When confronted she told them what had happened and broke down. She may have been safe but she’d never feel secure again. 

Luckily, a friend was doing her shopping and gave Jess some emergency Grey Goose from her bag. She is currently taking it one day at a time. 

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