REPORT: new construction site ain’t getting rid of local Mediterranean man that easily

A team of tradies has watched a local Mediterranean man in Balcatta go from peeking out his window to gawking from his driveway and finally getting all up in their shit each day in coordinated curiosity raids. 

Typically, Frank will appear around 9:00 am to conduct his own supervision of the work being done. He’ll return several times throughout the day and is known to hassle the tradesman on the price of materials and tell them he can do better. A tradie told The Times,

“I felt this strong al dente force behind me while I was pouring concrete. When I looked around there was this old bloke. I told him I had to keep working and he started asking me ‘whata price, whata price’, took me about 20 minutes to get rid of him”

Another tradie had a run-in with Frank when he separated from the smoko herd. Ignoring the classic concept of safety in numbers. He recounted his experience,

“I’d heard a bit of a disturbance out the back of the site. Thought I’d check it out on my way to the toilet. That’s when I saw Frank checking out some of my craftsmanship. He just shook his head and shuffled off. Could someone come and get their nonno?”

Things went from bad to worse today when Frank had several friends visit. The group stood across the street staring at the site making comments about how back in their day they’d have finished last week.

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Frank even decided to mark his territory on a dual cab that was parked on his side of the road. Giving it a mighty blast from his Balcatta-broom. The tradie knew it was a warning, adding,

“You don’t go against the family. That was Frank’s way of telling me that if I parked that close to his driveway again I’d return with several tons of lemons in my ute tray. I apologised and moved my car. It’s about respect”

With the difficulty acquiring materials, the tradies can bet their bottom dollar they’ll be dealing with Frank for quite some time to come. Quite some time indeed. 

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