ScoMo, Clive Apply To High Court To Force WA To Secede After Reception To Campaigns

Un-dynamic duo, ScoMo & Clive have joined forces once again to petition the High Court of Australia to force WA to secede after hurtful messages were left on mattresses and vandalised campaign signs surfaced. 

News of the action comes as quite a shock, given the energy mining magnate Palmer expended trying to force WA to open its borders. A move he now acknowledges as a mistake.

A source close to Clive says he doesn’t understand why Western Australian’s didn’t enjoy his never ending shit-spamming via SMS, media and post. Adding,

“Clive now wants WA sectioned off from the rest of Australia. Its people are hostile to his bullshit and a population unwilling to contribute to his ego is a population he doesn’t need”

Similarly, ScoMo was shocked to learn that the WA people have long memories and still tar him with the same Clive brush for his past indiscretions. 

A source close to the LNP campaign leaders told The Times,

“ScoMo was sure that his token efforts to buddy up to the WA people after many years of treating WA like his personal cash cow was going to work. He kept saying, WA’s are just like Queenslanders, simple and easy to win over with a few meaningless promises”

Naturally, the two men don’t have much time if they are to get the order declaring WA officially seceded and thus exclude us from having a say. 

A top legal analyst has described the move as “desperate” and clear evidence of the hubris shown by largely hating on WA over the last 4 years. 

“It’s always easier to force a major state in a country to legally secede than work with them to develop mutually beneficial relationships and policies. Typically, Clive & ScoMo are going the easy route”

It’s understood that should Clive & ScoMo be successful, there won’t be too much opposition from the population. Some already eyeing off designs for the Westralia flag design. 

More to come. 

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