Perth Airport rejects calls for traino signage, claims arrivals want adventure, not convenience

Perth Airport has strongly denied they are working against the public’s adoption of the rail link by making the process as confusing as they can. A major criticism for many is the lack of clear signage and the fact no one working at the airport seems to know what to do either. 

In a statement to the media, a spokesperson for Perth Airport has said that adding easy-to-follow signage goes against the whole spirit of the commute. Adding,

“Arrivals come to WA for adventure, not convenience. We can’t even describe how many happy smiles we see on the faces of recent arrivals trying to figure out how to catch a fkn bus to the train and then running around like headless chooks trying to find help”

Passengers arriving at T3&4 are treated to the good news that Redcliffe Station isn’t connected to the terminals and they’ll have to catch a bus to the traino. T1 arrivals have central station but will have to go on a good ol’ adventure before they find it.

We spoke to an international arrival who is visiting family in Perth. She and her family of 4 arrived at Perth Airport and spent the better part of 2 hours figuring out the system. Her Perth relative told The Times,

“It was fantastic. Their English isn’t very good and her youngest was throwing a tantrum after 8 hours on a plane. Her other kid shat himself and the husband almost got into an international incident after being told he should’ve driven to Australia if he wanted convenience. It was memorable”

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Perth Airport is allegedly “spewing” that the line got closed down over Easter. As they had planned to replace any signage at all with an “easter egg hunt”. With the ultimate egg obviously being your ticket to wherever you’re going on the train. 

To make up for the lost marketing opportunity, we understand the Airport will be handing new arrivals a compass and a series of riddles. To mimic the success of trash reality TV show “Survivor”.

Can you survive the Perth Airport – traino link? We shall see!

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