BREAKING: Harry Styles Ends Up In High Wycombe After Catching Wrong Airport Train

Mayhem has erupted on the Perth Airport Line after Harry Styles and his entourage lined up on the wrong spot and accidentally found themselves in the Perth suburb of High Wycombe. Now dubbed Harry Wycombe.

We spoke to a witness at the High Wycombe traino who described the chaotic scenes when the UK superstar and his entourage arrived,

“Mate, it was nuts. You ever seen an international superstar get staunched by a bloke with a Monster cap and a goatee? Harry was pretty scared but eventually settled the score with a coupla darts and a signature”

A spokesperson for Harry Styles said it was actually a “happy accident” with the entire team learning a few lessons before delving deeper into the bowels of Perth. Adding,

“Mate we found out what a dogcunt was immediately and that’s vital knowledge for surviving Perth. Harry was joking around with these blokes and learned that going up the hill would only present him with heartbreak”

We can report that Harry and his crew had several portable bucket bongs disguised in a water cooler before getting back on course to try and catch the last of the Redcliffe show. 

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