BREAKING: Snoop Dogg Denied Entry Into Inglewood For Wearing Blue Shoes

A special police operation designed to prevent the igniting of Perth’s famous bloods v crips scene has been set up on Beaufort Street. Their primary directive is to ensure the Long Beach rapper doesn’t enter the hood in provocative blue shoes. 

At approximately 8:30 pm, the Doggfather attempted to enter Inglewood to “see what’s good” and was stopped by the patrol. They told him to either lose the blue shoes or find a new suburb to roll down the street in while being laid back.

A spokesperson for the WA Police said that while Perth is used to associating crime with red shoes, the blue Nikes could spark far more serious consequences than scaly little eshays in Hillarys. Adding,

“Anyone who has lived in Inglewood for any time knows its hotbed of illegal street gang activity. It’s a rough hood. You can see the fear in those inner city yuppies eyes while they line up for their soy, decaf latte frappucino bullshit on a Sunday morning. They are worried there could be a driveby. Mostly thanks to us letting everyone know where the weapons are”

A spokesperson for the rapper apologised to WA Police and claimed the famous rapper wasn’t aware of the street politics of Perth’s rough inner north. Adding,

“Snoop isn’t here to start a beef. He just heard there was a Cloud 9, Hoodburger, and a decent IGA open 24 hours for extra snacks after enjoying some of the finest strains he’s ever smoked from Belmont. He promises to tread more carefully next time”

We spoke to a resident of Inglewood who is very active in the local community page. She claims that while she hasn’t seen proof of this gang problem she no doubt believes it. Adding,

“Not a day goes past that I don’t fear Inglewood will be the scene of some gang territory shootout. The last thing we need is famous rappers coming in willy nilly and inflaming the situation”

Snoop has therefore agreed to stick to his side of Beaufort Street in Highgate, which everyone in Perth knows is a crip area. 

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