South West Locals Stoked To Meet John Travolta

South West locals hoping to catch a glimpse of Nicolas Cage have been surprised by none other than John Travolta on Sunday. Wearing his classic disguise, no less.

John Travolta entered the asian grocery (Food of Asia Busselton) to stock up ahead of his Douth trip. A witness to the encounter told The Times,

“The store’s owners were pretty excited but for some reason they kept asking him if he was Nicolas Cage? Maybe they weren’t aware of the little switcheroo the two superstars like to play. Either way, it’s good to have a celeb down here”

John Travolta is understood to be playing Nicolas Cage in an upcoming movie about a surfer in WA’s south west. A spokesperson for John told The Times,

“I can eat a peach for hours but I also needed some supplies. Nicolas is back in New Jersey walking around looking like me from Swordfish. We like to prank each other like that or as you say in Australia, stitch up”

Of course, the plot thickens, as we have credible reports that there has been a 3rd face swap. So John can enjoy some privacy Down South.

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Sound complicated? Well, it is. So the man appearing to be Nicolas Cage is actually a Margs local that John Travolta struck a deal with to face swap. So the real John Travolta looks like some crusty South West fisherman at the moment.

Naturally, the public is not advised to approach random South West locals looking for an autograph. They are likely to be in a severe localist frenzy at the moment. Par for the course with an influx of blow-ins.

Good luck to everyone hunting down John Travolta for a selfie, just don’t be surprised if you get egg on your face… off.

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