Swan Watch doing the Lord’s work keeping track of the price of Swanny D pints across WA

There is a particular type of pub goer in WA that only needs two things to be happy – a cold pint of Swan and a seat in which to enjoy it on.

Of course, going to a new pub can be scary in this cost of living crisis. Everyone remembers the first time they were told that a pint of mother’s milk would cost $12 (or more). Harrowing stuff.

So cheers to this individual or crew who has taken the guesswork out and are keeping a live update of the price of Swan across WA.

Check out Swan Watch HERE.

It initially begun in Freo but looks to be slowly growing. So next time you’re smashing a pint of the taste of WA, flick ‘em a message to keep the register as up to date as possible.

I do note they have ventured into Guiness pint territory also. It’s a controversial move, given Guinness drinkers are notorious bar-cloggers and Swanny D aficionados are the definition of efficient.

Guinness drinker – “ya marn over dere didn’t let it settle like! It has to settle and have the perfect head of its ruined!”

Swan drinker – “pour that shit in that glass as quick as possible because in about 3.5 minutes it will be converted to human piss”

We all know who we’d rather share a pint with.

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Documenting the Human Zoo is thirsty work, so if you enjoyed what you read how about buying Belle a beer, ay?