Someone made it rain on the Mitchell Freeway as $40k cash was briefly on the loose

Imagine it. You’re driving home along the Mitchell Freeway with nothing to look forward to but the vast, swallowing expanse of the Perth sprawl.

Then you spot some unusual debris – stacks on stacks of pineapples, baby. At first, your mind turns to lavish excess. A full trolley at Woolies? A family pass to the Perth Zoo? You dare to dream until reality hits.

As a result a man has been charged with possession of 51 grams of coke and $8k in cash (presumably they can’t prove who the Freeway cheddar belongs too yet). Check out the footage:

Anyone who has seen No Country For Old Men knows that helping yourself to large sums of lost cash isn’t the greatest idea in the world.

Obviously, the Perth public didn’t want to get Anton Chigur’d up the wazoo and actively reported the finds to police. Check out the limited footage available:

WA Police have assured the public that there is no more cash left over. Then again, they would say that.

Still, even a few stack sounds like a low sum to play frogger on a major piece of Perth infrastructure.

Although speculative, the ABC reported that

“Police are still investigating the incident, saying a tow truck and motorcycle were also observed in the area at the time”

A classic combination, really.

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