Thoughts & Prayers To Man Who Just Mentioned His Oven Around Air Fryer Enthusiast

Perth man Craig was having a wonderful Sunday dinner with a group of friends when he made the unfortunate mistake of mentioning a dish he’d prepared in a plebby oven days before. 

Before he could even finish talking about the temperature settings, a friend’s new squeeze was all over him like splashback on a pisshead’s chinos.

A witness at the catch-up looked noticeably concerned as they recounted the moments preceding the oven mention,

“It wasn’t pretty, let’s put it that way. She just fully interrupted his story and started asking why he still used an oven. She then got in his face wanting to know if he knew how much money he could save switching to what she considered a superior cooking method”

Craig was silly enough to stand his ground and say that he’d dabbled with a mate’s air fryer but still preferred the cooking experience from his trusty gas oven.

Needless to say, his defence of the archaic cooking appliance ignited a flame in her. Craig told The Times,

“For the rest of the night, she wouldn’t stop throwing gotcha questions at me. Asking me how crisp I could get chips in an oven. She even showed me a photo of an entire roast chook she’d done. Man she wouldn’t let it go”

Samantha had bought an air fryer after her oven cacked its dacks last year. She loved her so-called “air fryer hacks” so much that she never got around to buying a new oven. She was all in on the air fryer game. 

She pulled up a photo of a chocolate lava cake she’d baked the night before, asking The Times,

“Who would be STUPID enough to still use an oven? Do you know that you can bake cakes in an air fryer? I even cook all our family’s steaks and they ALL admit it’s better! Isn’t that right Greg?”

Greg had the same easy-going appearance of a hostage forced to read from a scripted letter in a remote cave, “Yes darling, much better than on my BBQ. Char marks are for idiots as you say”

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