Top Signs You’re a Corporate Miner In Western Australia

1. You’re only able to exercise if you’re in a group of corporate miners jogging around the Perth CBD in matching, branded shirts.

2. You don’t consider your lanyard merely identification. It’s an Olympic gold medal awarded to you for leading the field in excellence.

3. You get your Hi-Vis dry cleaned before and after going on your bi-annual trip to site. Your mum says you look very handsome in it.

4. You are still haunted by the time a real FIFO worker almost latched his jaw onto your face after you told him how “things should be done”.

5. All the boys on the moines have a special nickname for you that you suspect might not be very complimentary.

6. Your brand spankin’ steel caps have saved you from a very nasty toe stubbing at the Qantas lounge. You’ve also been know to brandish them at Bunnings on the weekend.

7. You love to tell people that you know Twiggy. You accidentally called him dad when you met him that one time.

8. You live your life by a simple code – what happens at Diggers & Dealers stays in Diggers & Dealers. Especially all the skimpie’s hearts you reckon you broke.

9. You joke that you aren’t **actually** God. It took him 7 days to create the world. You would’ve done it in 5.

10. You’re on a first-name basis with every worker at the new St Georges Terrace R.M Williams store. You enjoy a cheeky sniff when no one is looking.

11. Your company-branded Yeti Rambler is on full display at all times. How else will you let people on the Terrace know you are better than them?

12. You own more pairs of Chinos than you have friends. In many ways, those pants are your friends. They are your everything.

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