IN FOCUS: The Highway to Hell

On the 1st of March, a large section of Canning Highway was closed off for a rolling AC/DC Highway to Hell Tribute. The song itself is apparently about the treacherous hills on Canning Highway that the band would take to the Raffles Hotel. It also takes you to Midland. Hell confirmed.

Of course, from a timing point of view, you can look at the Highway to Hell in one of two ways. In one sense, perhaps gathering in a 100,000 person sweaty horde and wearing down your immune system on the eve of a Coronavirus outbreak isn’t good contagion control.

On the other hand, closing off Canning Highway created a decent barrier between the anti-vaxxing community and the anti-disease population of Perth. Swings and roundabouts really.

Naturally, the event attracted bogans, musos and more Gen X than the Masters’ Liquidation sale. Many hadn’t partied since the Big Day Out and were keen to show the younger generation in attendance “how it’s done”.

After all, there is nothing more offensive to the eyes of a weathered gen X’er than a brand-spankin’ Acca Dacca shirt worn by some little punk who wouldn’t know the difference between Bon Scott and Bon Jovi. You earn that shirt, man.

As soon as punters caught on that police were being suspiciously chill they descended upon the bottlos and flooded the street party with the sweet taste of street drinking.

Bottlo staff probably still have flashbacks from the sights and smells of thirsty bogans clawing at the remaining 4 packs of Jack Daniels – it was their D-Day.

Once intoxicated on the elixir of freedom, punters intensified their air-guitaring and the celebrations kicked on into the night. Not since Dunsborough leavers has Perth seen such an inter-generational bump n grind.

Apart from some minor property damage and general discharge of bodily fluids, it was a peaceful event. There was even a glimmer of hope that Perth could now have nice things. That’s until the Freo police woke up to 3 of their cars torched.

Was it a reveller? Unsure but needless to say they might not be so chill next time around. Cheers for that.

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