Perth driver doesn’t have a clue what do here

A Perth Camry driver has failed to silence his critics this afternoon after once again proving he doesn’t have what it takes to tackle this particular freeway exit. It appears to be a classic clash between the paradox of choice and the driving skills of a mouthbreather.

The driver took to the Freeway a little after 10:30 this morning on his way to the Western Suburbs. He planned to take Mounts Bay Road onto Stirling and cruise in the non-peak conditions. If only it could have been that easy!

Hiding his face from the public, the driver told The Times that he’s intimidated by the exit. Adding,

“4 blood choices leading you on a different adventure. Mate. I can barely handle a single lane turn-off. I always worry that I’ll end up trapped in the Convention Centre or the city gridlock for the rest of my life”

Despite minimal traffic and fantastically clear conditions, the driver still managed to position himself in the wrong lane and have to pull off an emergency veer to ensure he hit the right lane. He continued,

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“Almost knocked some motorcyclist over in all the mayhem. I don’t know why I’m like this it really shouldn’t be that hard. My driver instructor said I must’ve fallen off the shitforbrains tree and hit every branch when I failed my 8th test in a row ha ha”

WA Police warn the public that veering like a fkn idiot is illegal and they will take action if they see it. The inability to navigate a 4-banger is no excuse. A spokesperson told The Times,

“We once spent an afternoon down there and pinged 30 cars an hour for an illegal lane switch. This Camry driver isn’t alone. In fact, we are still waiting for a Perth driver to approach the exit with confidence, grace and correct lane positioning”

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