WA Liberals Regain Power After ScoMo Secretly Swears Himself Into About 40 Seats

The slippery dawg has done it again. This time secretly appointing himself to democratically held seats in the WA Legislative Assembly. With no one really knowing how he did it. 

The result, naturally, is to erode WA Labor’s 53 seat majority and give the power back to former 2-seat WA Liberal Party

ScoMo allegedly hatched the plan after backlash to his shady portfolio appointments grew fiercer and fiercer. A source close to ScoMo told The Times,

“The jig was up to be honest. He knew his shenanigans had worn pretty thin in the Federal Government so he decided to pull the classic ScoMo switcheroo down in WA. The guy is a master”

WA Labor MP’s were both perplexed and livid to find out that they no longer held government or even a job. A prominent MP told The Times,

“One day you are gainfully employed in a powerful state government and the next ol’ God Boy has pinched ya job and somehow crowbarred himself into a position that is meant to be democratically elected. Thems the breaks I suppose”

Naturally, ScoMo has told the ousted Labor MP’s to calm their farms, promising that his insane WA power grab is just a precaution and he doesn’t intend to use the majority to actually run a Government, adding,

“I want the job but I don’t want to do the job if you catch my drift. Yes, I am the leader of the WA Government now but don’t expect me to be doing much. You can be I’ll be out of your hair come bushfire season which I understand is around the corner”

The Times understands that Clive Palmer has personally reached out to ScoMo and asked him whether he can overturn that anti-Clive damages legislation.

By all reports, not even ScoMo wanted to take Clive’s call. More to come. 

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