WA Man Vows To Never Support Charity Again After $1 Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Increase 

A WA man has boldly decried the virtues of fundraising after finding out he’ll have to scrounge around for an extra $1 in his centre console for a snag at Bunnings. 

Labelling the move a “step too far”, Kevin says the eternal flame of his charitable spirit has finally been extinguished. Adding,

“I really think Bunnings and these struggling local clubs running the fundraiser should have a look at how this affects me personally. Do they expect me to break a 20 to get my 4 snag a visit needs fulfilled? Man, I’m done with helping out”

So angry that Bunnings has thrown local clubs a bone to help cover costs of the ingredients he vowed to never support a charity again. Kevin told The Times,

“I’m actually going out of my way to disrupt charity now. Just last week I housed an entire box of my nieces’ charity Freddos. Didn’t put a single buck in the box either. Stuff her and stuff them”

We asked Kevin if he would prefer these clubs to operate at a loss to keep his 4 snag a visit habit at $10, he set a new speed record for a reply, simply stating, “yes”.

Kevin has been very vocal in the comment section of news articles today. Gaining support from some. A woman replied to his lengthy whinge with,

“What a rip-off! I’m better off just buying a packet of snags and some bread and cooking them at home! Bunnings has LOST itself a customer!”

It seems this isn’t the first time Kevin has vowed to never eat a Bunnings snag again. Just last year he refrained from going two weekends in a row over the onion under the sausage debacle. 

‘Don’t tread on me”, Kevin stated at the time. Asserting having his Bunnings snag his way was a fundamental human right. 

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