BREAKING: The AFL sneakily Trademark “Flagmantle”

In 2022, the Flagmantle train gained momentum after the Dockers had a better than average season. It didn’t amount to much but the name has stuck with fans and haters alike.

Rumours have swirled on footy forums for years that the AFL was plotting on claiming the Trademark and Reddit user Mortal_Bobcat came across the AFL’s Trademark application yesterday. Before we get into that, let’s have a brief look at the history:


So on 14 June 2022, Troy Lowrey filed an application to trademark “Flagmantle” which was accepted on 26 July 2022 and advertised on 15 November 2022 to see if anyone objected.

On, 15 June 2022, a man named Ben Keally filed an application to trademark “Flagmantle” which was accepted on the 15 March 2023 and advertised to see if anyone objected.

Both trademarks received opposition after being advertised.


By who you may ask? None other than the Australian Football League (AFL). It seems the big dogs had smelled the piss of another entrepreneur and insisted on soaking that money tree with their own stream of opportunity:

In the Statement of Grounds and Particulars the AFL claimed against both trademark applications are the same:


Neither Lowrey or Kneally defended the claims so both application lapsed. Leaving the Flagmantle pie ready to get holed by the big swinging stiffy of the AFL. They didn’t waste much time and on 9 January 2024 the AFL struck:

Just as Lowrey and Keally had to do, the AFL will be required to advertise this application in due course. Meaning anyone who believes they truly own the Flagmantle TM can oppose the application.

So the obvious question is, what does the AFL have cooking for Flagmantle?

One can only surmise that the AFL merch monster as toey as Quinten Tarantino’s phone gallery for a Freo premiership to cash in big.

Although the Flagmantle movement did feel organic so it does feel a bit ick for a big corporation to claim it like that. That’s busy though baby.

So feel free to oppose their application! Just for the lols (obviously seek legal advice before commencing any lols)

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