Strata Sheriff on High Alert to Ensure no Guest Has Any Fun in the Pool Today

A self appointed strata-sheriff woke up this morning to one of the biggest days on the Calander – a 40 degree day, where strata tenants might be tempted to invite their scaly friends over for a dip. Not on her watch.

She commenced her morning patrol at 6 am, mostly to take “before” shots of the pool area to complement the “after” shots later in the day. All part of her plan to crush those who disobey her laminated signs like bugs.

To that end, she has put up an additional 40 laminated notices around the complex advising guests that they are to seek permission for any guest using the pool and must abide by the rules she concocted.

We spoke to a tenant who told The Times that he was inviting his mate over and there was nothing that old bag of hot air could do about it. Adding,

“She updated her rules to say that not just glass but aluminium drinking vessels are banned around the pool. She’s also said guests aren’t allowed to jump into the pool. Seriously, who does she think she is, she is just a tenant like us”

To show his defiance, the young tenant drew a cock & balls on one of the laminated notices and proceeded to drink beer from plastic cups around the pool.

Needless to say, this caused the strata-sheriff to fly into a white, hot rage. She told The Times,

“I have been watching the goings-on in the pool all morning and have so far noted that 4 guests decided to enter the pool in a manner contrary to my laws. I have also noted that another guest is showing too much arse cheek and I will be giving her an official citation”

After causing a massive scene at the pool and attempting to cover the lady’s bottom half with a towel, the strata pest called the police because someone brought a Wahoo throwable pool toy along. In her words, “contraband”.

It’s going to be a long day.