Perth public call on Trevor the Tiger Shark to help combat the blowie menace

For years, the Mullaloo community has had an understanding with resident Tiger shark Trevor – he doesn’t bite them and they don’t drumline him. It seems like a perfect arrangement.

However, members of the Perth public are now calling on Trevor to step up and do something about the blowie menace that is plaguing our shores.

An avid beach goer and recent victim of a vicious toe nibble told The Times,

“Blowies are obviously toxic to a lot of species but sharks are immune. This puts Trev in a great position to do his bit to help rid the shallows of these toe-sucking freaks. All we ask is that Trev extend his patrols up and down the shore to keep the little farkers in line”

We spoke to a South Beach swimmer who said she would much rather the ominous presence of the striped predator than have to deal with a school of blowies again. Adding,

“As far as I know Trevor has never nibbled anyone’s toes while they are trying to enjoy a dip at the beach. Despite his potential to eat me I feel much safer in the water at the moment with him in there”

Naturally, Trevor isn’t the sort of fish that takes orders for humans. However, a spokesperson for the apex predator said Trev was taking the request seriously.

A spokesperson for the majestic beast told The Times that Trevor would consider extending his patrols and snacking on a few more blowies if drone pilots could back off a bit and give him some privacy. Adding,

“How would you like being filmed while you’re out there looking for a feed and maybe some hot little shark puss to get down with? Trev is just trying to live his life”

Seems fair enough.

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