WA BUDGET: $350 Rebate On Personalised Number Plates To Incentivise Tesla Ownership 

Days after the WA Government announced a $3500 rebate on the purchase of electric vehicles, a further rebate on personalised plates for electric vehicles has been accommodated in the WA State Budget. 

The Government has hoped that the news of the personalised number plate rebate will add a bit of a sweetener to those Tesla enthusiasts who didn’t like the road tax that will be imposed on electric vehicles. 

A spokesperson for the WA Treasury told The Times,

“This is a Government committed to a green, electric future. Naturally, one of the main reasons you get a Tesla is so you can goad other road users with the fact you don’t get bent over the barrel at the pump – and the best way to do that is a personalised number plate”

We spoke to Alfred, an IT developer that has been weighing up whether to purchase a Tesla. He told The Times,

“If I’m honest, I’d be overextending myself a little on the purchase so the savings on the personalised number plate is a big deal for me. You gotta have a custom acrylic, you can’t look poor while driving a Tesla, even if the repayments are making you so”

Critics of the rebate claim it is unfair to other road users who have an insatiable desire to get a personalised plate for some god-forsaken reason. 

The head of a prominent Nissan Patrol club told The Times, 

“Why should these lefty greenies get help and fair dinkum coal rollers like me don’t? You think the fourby community doesn’t want to brag about their choice of fuel? Diesel mate, get around it”

The news of the rebate is expected to cause a little bit of an electric car rush. With many on the fence Tesla-fans are now able to fully fulfill their dream. People are advised to act fast to ensure they get a witty voltage pun before they are all gone. 

More news on the WA State Budget to come. 

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