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Baking apprenticeship enquiries soar 5000% after reports of under 16s nang ban

News of the WA Government’s plan to ban nangs for under 16-year-olds has sent Perth’s youth into a career-focused frenzy. With a record 5000% spike in baking apprenticeship enquiries from 15-year-olds. 

It seems the move to restrict the sale of N₂O canisters to under 16-year-olds has made many 15-year-olds realise they have a passion for the art of baking. 

It makes sense, with many already familiar with cream canisters and being wide awake at 4 am. We spoke to a youth who had wanted to be a plumber but now realises it’s the life of a baker for him, he told The Times,

“Reckon I’ll just do a year and get dropped out. Get paid to decorate cakes if you know what I mean. Decorate about 30 in a row ha ha”

Similarly, a NOR bakery has told The Times that it received over 1000 CVs today alone from a range of under 16 year olds. The owner told us,

“Kids are really interested in baking. One kid asked me how many eclairs we got through in a day. Saying he’d happily make 100s a day if that’s what it took to get a job at a bakery. The kids are alright”

An industry previously struggling to find staff is now inundated with interest. Miracles truly can happen. 

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