Mnt Pleasant seeks trademark to stop other suburbs using pleasantry based descriptors

Mount Pleasant has sent the real estate world into a spin today after declaring it was “consulting its legal team” to get some intellectual property protection against other suburbs describing themselves as “pleasant”. 

Not only has the real estate world been left scratching its head but so to has the legal profession which is grappling with the implications of such a successful trademark. 

A spokesperson for Mount Pleasant told The Times,

“It’s hard to think of a more pleasant neighbourhood than ours. Look at us. Riverside, affluent and in close proximity to two PSA schools. We feel we are named very appropriately and certain legal protections should come with that”

Indeed, the neighbourhood is objectively idyllic however neighbouring residents in Applecross take a deeply contrary view. We spoke to an Applecross full-time-mummy who was at least 7 glasses of the good bubbly down. She told The Times,

“Canning River, darling, it’s swamp land. Horribly ghastly. Just the Mount PEASANTS who couldn’t afford to live on the Swan. Plus *shudders* they attract jet ski people to their terribly uncouth boat ramp at deep water point. Applecross is truly pleasant and there isn’t a lawyer that can bind me to say otherwise”

Nevertheless, the shockwaves have been felt many, many kms away from Mount Pleasant with the suburb of East Freo taking offence to. A spokesperson for East Freo told The Times,

“Are we not anything but pleasant? Beautiful cliffs, stunning river mouth, sensational pedigrees roaming the land? What gives this little Canning River shithole the right…hold up, my lawyer is calling me”

Nevertheless, Mount Pleasant has repeatedly told other suburbs to get their own key descriptor and will see them in court. More to come.

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