Baysie Bridge to release a short but compelling guide to the best places to get a feed in Perf

Baysie’s long-awaited culinary guide to Perf has the foodies absolutely salivating. After a long career of feeding on the finest in height-haute cuisine. 

A spokesperson for Baysie said she wanted to highlight the importance of location when it comes to the perfect Perf feed, adding,

“A lot of people have lengthy bucket lists of all the places they want to eat but to a true gourmand like Baysie there can be only one location. Kind of like a big concrete spider waiting for her next delight”

So it goes without saying that the big girl is only interested in talking about the joys of feeding on the corner of King William St & Whatley Cres in Bayswater. 

Over 110 years, Bayside has noticed the nuanced changes in her favourite culinary style which has evolved from – freight traditionnelle to freight nouveau. Her spokesperson told The Times,

“This is a guide for the big hitters in the foodie sphere. Her tastes are acquired and she realises not everyone has what it takes to chomp down on logistical perfection. It’s more about her story”

Dubbed as Perf’s hungriest girl, the guide is expected to fly off the shelves and even get the nod for a Netflix special, “cream of trucks – the Baysie Bridge story”.

Beyond this, Bayside’s future is largely speculative but some believe she may be recommissioned to harness her awesome appetite to finally separate NOR from SOR.

A fitting end for such a voracious feeder. 

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