Local bobtail wants to know if your eyes are fucken painted on mate

At 8:30 am this morning, a local bobtail had just finished a healthy session of terrorising a cowardly old lady in her garden. Feeling satisfied he “still has it”, he decided to head out in search of food for his beloved family. 

While crossing the road, some mouth breather in a Camry failed to take any evasive action to avoid the critter as he slowly made his way across the road someone rudely built in his habitat. 

One can only imagine how aggrieved the local bobtail felt after almost getting squashed as he went about his day. 

His message to the driver is very simple, “am I invisible? Are your eyes painted on you clown?”. 

Unlike many humans, the bobtail has a strong marriage and is looking forward to being the best father he can be to his young ones. So naturally, he has no urge to have all that cut short due to inattentive drivers. 

To add insult to near-injury, the road was a 50 zone. Now, the bobtail can’t drive itself but even it knows that if you can’t avoid a visible hazard on a 50kph road then you may also be a total fucken pelican. 

The WA Government will be trialling a number of actions to protect our beloved bobtails. Ranging from practical assessments during driving tests to little Hi Vis bibs for the creatures. Ricciardo has also agreed to take a year off and try to teach us a thing or to (read more HERE about the initiative).

A spokesperson for the WA Government made it clear when they said,

“Frankly, society values the life of a bobtail over most of you clowns. We make no apologies saying that. So look out for them and ensure your eyes aren’t painted on, ay”

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