Ricciardo takes year off F1 to focus on most challenging role yet: teaching WA how to drive

Homegrown WA legend Denial Ricciardo has confirmed that he won’t be driving in the Formula One circuit next year because of an exciting yet challenging opportunity in his home state. 

The Western Australian Government has confirmed that “something has to be done” about the increasingly baffling lack of basic motor skills on WA roads. So who better to step in and preach some vehicular competence? 

A spokesperson for the WA Government has admitted Daniel has a “hard road ahead of him” with being personally tasked to get hundreds of thousands of drivers up to scratch. Adding,

“What else can we do? Clearly, all our efforts to date have proved fruitless. We have Daniel for one year before he returns to F1 in 2024 so we’ll really be putting him to work. Expect to see Daniel in your passenger seat in the near future shaking his head at your lack of road awareness and such”

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A road safety expert said the scheme had chop and could potentially succeed where all other attempts have failed. Adding,

“No one wants to disappoint Daniel. Great guy, big smile, you’d feel genuinely shit about yourself if Dan didn’t give you a gold star at the end of his appraisal! But you’ll have to earn one. I think they only supplying him with a single packet of 50 in anticipation of how few will get one”

We can confirm that Daniel’s specific challenges will be with the dual cab, 4WD and souped-up boy racer community. Two notoriously stubborn car communities.

With any luck, Daniel’s award-winning smile can cut through the calloused hearts of Hilux & Ranger drivers. The proper fourby community is considered to be “beyond repair” and accordingly, Daniel won’t be spending any time trying to help Patrol & Landcruiser drivers.

Similarly, convincing a 24-year-old with a modified cars that he isn’t F1 standard could be an even bigger hurdle. Good luck Daniel. You will need it. Read more about boy racers HERE.

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