“Giant Caravan Park” – Caravans Outnumber Residents In Regional WA, Census Shows

Data from the 2021 Census has confirmed what many already know to be true – regional WA is essentially a giant caravan park. 

This is in line with the national snapshot which showed the number of caravans increased by 150% from the 2016 Census.

Accordingly, you are now more likely to run into a caravan (and unfortunately its occupants) on a regional WA trip than you are an authentic local. 

While the data demonstrates a lifestyle change, some residents in regional WA are growing concerned about the presence of this caravan army. 

An employee of a petrol station up north told The Times,

“It can be pretty intimidating when you are surrounded by a pack of caravaners. They are never happy with any of the services we offer and now they really have the numbers to push their weight around. They keep telling us that we wouldn’t even be open if it wasn’t for them”

Similarly, an owner of a caravan park up north told The Times,

“When we had manageable caravan levels it was ok. A lot of toilet paper went missing but it was the cost of doing business. Now it’s a nonstop convoy and I’m going broke trying to replace all the stolen toilet paper. What’s with these people?”

Likewise, people using the roads daily for their commutes have said the burgeoning caravan levels are pushing them to the edge. A local cobber told The Times,

“If I only get stuck behind 4 caravans being towed by a Landcruiser a day, it’s a good day. That’s how bad things have got. I can’t even tell you how bad it is, now fuel is through the roof. The things these people will do to avoid that accelerator pedal until an overtaking lane appears is staggering”

Caravan ownership was thought to have boomed during the pandemic when borders were closed. It was thought that many would be abandoned once the borders opened and international holidays resumed. 

This of course would’ve been the case if anyone was able to get their passport renewed in time for a holiday. Thus, it seems it the caravan life for many for the foreseeable future. 

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