Perth Woman’s Productivity Destroyed After Another Spicy Name & Shame Post Pops Up

Alyssa has ordered herself to clear her schedule after some serious drama erupted on her local FB community page early this afternoon. 

When she noticed the post there were already 80 comments so she knew “it was gonna be good”. Accordingly, she fixed herself a hot cup of coffee and settled in for a journey of accusations, excuses, and possibly redemption. 

You just never know what you’re going to get on the community FB page lottery. Today’s post certainly didn’t disappoint. Alyssa told The Times,

“This post had it all. The OP claims that a man shouldn’t be allowed to walk his dog given it snapped at her little yappy thing. She posted a photo of the man and made some very colourful threats about what would happen if she sees him walking that dog again. Naturally, the plot soon thickened”

And thicken it did after a commenter noted that the photo shows this allegedly aggressive dog on a leash. The OP didn’t take kindly to having her name & shame questioned. Alyssa continued, 

“So it came out that it was the OP that didn’t have her dog leashed and ran over and got in the face of this bigger dog. A witness said it was a growl at best. You could see she was beginning to lose the support of the room! I fkn live for this”

Comments started streaming in about the OP being at fault and perhaps if she’d kept her dog on a leash none of this would happen. That’s when the man at the centre of the complaint found the post. He came in hot, real hot.

Trapped in a drama-trance, Alyssa was unable to attend to her regular work duties. Letting several important phone calls go through to the keeper as she continued to read about the OP’s husband planning to bash anyone who called his partner a “Karen” again.

All in all, it has been a disastrous week for Alyssa after another page she was on got real spicy after a man threatened to “deal” with a neighbour’s cat if it shat on his lawn one more time. 

“I feel dumber getting drawn into these things but frankly it’s about the only thing I still keep FB for. They are just so good. These people are complete freaks”

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