Cartel Begins Dealing Cheap WA Gas To Desperate Eastern Staters 

A criminal organisation in WA has seen an ideal opportunity to make some coin from selling hits of cheap WA gas to the Eastern States currently getting reamed by gas prices. 

At the very respectable $6-7 a gigajoule, there is money to be made in undercutting the Eastern State’s markets and giving the people a little something-something to get them through the hard times. 

A truck driver thought to be involved in the freight of this contraband gas spoke to The Times under the promise of anonymity, 

“The stakes are high. That gas is reserved for sandgropers and lord knows what Marko would do if he found out who was giving the East a little taste”

We enquired about the scale of the operation. Was this shady organisation trying to take on Alinta? 

“The people I work for aren’t trying to become a full-scale supplier, just offer some bozo’s in Sydney the chance to cook a lovely stir fry for half the cost. Just enough to get them hooked so they want more and more of that sweet, cheap gas”

A Sydney-sider who has been buying WA gas said he was just trying to provide a decent, 5-minute long shower for each of his family members during the winter and “didn’t have a problem”. Adding,

“We’ll save a couple of hundred just on showers alone. My wife thinks I’m getting hooked. I can’t even eat unless my food has been cooked with that cheap WA gas. She says once they have a captive market they’ll jack up the prices and I’ll get suplexed by the stone cold market forces at play”

WA police have commenced the Winter Warmer Taskforce to track down these gas dealers and make an example of them. A spokesperson for the Taskforce told The Times,

“We urge everyone over East to not be fooled. These people aren’t doing this to ease your bills they are doing it to get you hooked and line their pockets. Our message is simple, if you want some of that ingenious capped WA gas, cross the state line and live here”

Any way you look at it, the WA black market is certainly cooking with gas.

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