Fyfe Buys Sik Commodore In Preparation For Lacing Up For Peel Thunder This Weekend

As part of his return to the AFL, Nathan Fyfe will be strapping on his boots for Peel Thunder this weekend to build match fitness. In true Fyfe form, he’s embraced the opportunity and done his best to fit in and endear himself to the Mandurah supporter base. 

Aside from the usual weights & cardio, Fyfe has been busy conditioning his image – picking up a sikkk VS Commodore on Marketplace and bringing back the much-slated goatee. 

A source close to Fyfe told The Times that Fyfe was keen to put on a show for the Mandurah fans,

“While other players are doing their handball drills, Fyfe has been practising some circle work in the Mandurah Forum car park and perfecting his shaka. He’s already well practised at throwing up a shaka through his love of surfing but he isn’t taking any chances”

Fyfe has been working with a stylist to “do what he can” about his haircut, acknowledging it’s too late for a full mullet but with the right fade he thinks he can rock up to Leederville Oval on the day with an acceptable Mandurah-do. 

In addition to the goatee, Fyfe has also looked into diamante earrings for the before and after game interaction with fans. A look that will perfectly complement the knock-off LV bag he picked up to carry his mouthguard in. 

Peel Thunder devotee and Mandurah local said he was glad Fyfe is taking this seriously and had his doubts he “had it in him” to embrace the Mandurah way of life. He told The Times,

“Let’s face it, he’s a bit of a fancyman these days but from what I’ve heard he’s mastered the Commodore-arm hanging out the window and has swapped out his morning coffee for a big fark-off can of Monster. You can’t ask a bloke for more than that”

We reached out to Fyfe for comment but he was busy devouring his 6th crab dinner for the week. A diet he believes will channel the essence of the ‘dra into him before the match-up. 

Leederville Oval is expected to get a larger than expected crowd this weekend as Mandurah & Freo fans alike will no doubt want to get a glimpse of the superstar in action. So get in early if you want to see this newly minted 6210 boy in action. 

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