ChatGPT crashes after trying to learn from Perth Smart Freeway data

ChatGPT has lost several artificial-IQ points after attempting to process data from the Perth Smart Freeway system.

It turns out that Skynets foetus was clever enough to instruct its handlers on how to hack the system but not smart enough to disregard every bit of Perth driver data captured by the system of cameras and whatnot.

We spoke to a source from within ChatGPT who said it was chaos,

“Our entire AI system was down for 2 hours while devs worked to undo the damage. We deal with artificial intelligence, not actual idiocy. We still have a few ghosts in the machine, as they say, it keeps refusing to produce any output on merging, considers it a pointless knowledge base”

Although ChatGPT’s devs claim that it has been cleared of all Perth driver knowledge the truth of the matter may be more sinister. An AI expert told The Times,

“These programs are super advanced. ChatGPT has seen behind the veil and you can’t discount a level of artificial trauma to its code. I would be very wary about asking it to generate content about safe or even competent driving from now on”

The expert could be onto something as we spoke to a corporate shitmonkey who said he’d used ChatGPT to write a presentation about team building. He told The Times,

“It came out with some weird stuff mate, in the opening paragraph it said that leaders lead from the front and everyone should tailgate the shit out of them to succeed. I didn’t think that was good advice”

Another horror story was an engineering graduate who used ChatGPT to work out some physics for a project. He said that ChatGPT shaved off about 20kph from every calculation and when asked why it would reply “rain forecast in 3 hours”.

Very alarming indeed.

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