Community Facebook group torn apart over laugh react on admin’s post

An outer northern suburban FB page is still picking up the pieces after outright chaos erupted yesterday when a new member “laugh reacted” admin’s post. 

At approximately 4:35 pm, group founder and queen admin Sally was full of boredom & Diet Coke when she decided to remind new members of the group of certain rules. 

A witness described the calm before the storm,

“Sally bringing up the group rules is pretty routine but I think she pissed off some newer members with her tone. It was a pretty condescending post and was clearly aimed at someone not respecting the plug-your-business on the first day of the month commandment”

The post floated there for 15 minutes before a single person acknowledged it. It is safe to assume Sally was already fuming by that fact alone. Then disaster struck. Another witness told The Times,

“This new guy goes and laugh reacts to it. He had plugged his mate’s shop the other day and got a stern dressing down and was feeling pretty salty I guess. That’s when the shit hit the fan”

Without missing a beat, Sally @’d the man and demanded to know what was so funny. Perhaps unwisely, he decided to laugh react that comment too. The witness continued, 

“Sally went ballistic ay. She commented again asking him to consider the prime directive of the group – “RESPECT WILL BE SHOWED TO ADMIN AT ALL TIMES” and writing this essay on how much work she does for free”

By this stage, the post had attracted a bit of attention and a revolt was launched against the tyrannical admin. With more and more members laugh reacting her increasingly egomaniacal rants. A witness told The Times,

“Her original post now had like 20 laugh reacts and she was losing it man. After failing to regain order she decided to make an example of the original laugh-reactor. He booted and a warning was put out that anyone else using the laugh react would cop a similar fate”

Her warning received 34 laugh reaccs and that’s when Sally went wild. In an unprecedented act of force, she banned each and every one of those 34 members. Daring anyone to test her might. 

When it was all said and done, Sally had banned 64 members from the group and was desperately demanding her flock invite new members to the group. It was one of the darkest massacres the FB suburban group community had ever seen. 

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