Cottesloe Rules Residents Must Pay To Keep Prados On Verge To Protect Against Adults Playing With Potentially Faulty Equipment 

In a measure to protect adults from the risk of playing with equipment with known DPF faults, Cottesloe Council has imposed a fee for Prado drivers to keep their cars on their verge. 

According to a class-action suit, Toyota is getting bent over a barrel over DPF faults in its Prado, Hilux and Fortuner models. 

The council however decided not to extend the fee to Hilux drivers as any Hiluxes found in Cottesloe obviously must be passing tradies. So shouldn’t attract the annual fee. 

The decision comes off the back of the ruling to impose a fee for child’s play equipment on Cottesloe verges. An expert in safety told The Times,

“It’s about saving these people from themselves. Keep your dirty emissions and shithouse fuel efficiency in your garage thanks. A small fee hopefully will discourage them until the class action settles and they get it repaired”

A local Prado owner is calling the decision preposterous. Saying if he wants to cosplay as a real man in his faulty 4WD he should be able to, adding,

“What’s the point of owning a 4WD if I can’t treat the neighbours to a little show every long weekend slowly cleaning the mud off? You expect Cottesloe residents to have $300 just lying around? Yeah it has some exhaust problems but a little diesel soot is good for kid’s lungs isn’t it?”

However other Cottesloe residents are welcoming the decision. With one woman sick of seeing her neighbour play with his steaming pile of mechanical shit. She told The Times,

“His emissions absolutely stink and frankly no one is buying this image he tries to pass off as a ridgy didge bush basher. He should hide his shame or pay the price”

The issues are only known to affect models sold between 2015 – 2020. So many Cottesloe residents are expected to buy a brand spanking Landcruiser to avoid the $300 fee. 

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