David Warner Livid After Hearing The SCG Will Be Enforcing A “No Hat, No Play” Rule Tomorrow

Salt has well and truly been rubbed into the wound of Davey Warner who had his baggy green flogged today.

The SCG sympathised with the struggling batsman but conceded that rules were rules and given the Nation’s increased interest in being sun smart they would enforce the “no hat, no play” rule.

Naturally, this doesn’t bode well for Davey who evidently doesn’t have a hat. A source close to the sand paperist told The Times,

“This was meant to be his big send off and now he can’t play because he lost his hat! I think you’ll find this is the very reason he became such a villainous man! It all traces back to year 5 lunchtime when he had to sit out”

The Australian cricket team is weighing up it’s options but the 0-30 odd runs he’s likely to make doesn’t seem worth the expense of King’s Council to argue the legality of the decision.

Cricket Australia has pleaded with the SCG to let him play as they are clearly concerned about what the little man knows.

A spokesperson for CA told The Times,

“Please, just do what he wants, that’s how we’ve been operating and it’s worked for us!”

In classic fashion, Candice has reportedly taken up the fight with the SCG while Davey continues the search.

In other reports, Mitchell Johnson couldn’t be happier but is still doing all he can to locate the missing baggy green.

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