Mitchell Johnson drops everything to join the search for David Warner’s baggy green

As soon as Mitchell Johnson heard that his good mate Davey Warner’s baggy green had gone missing he was up faster than a boomer’s hand after a millennial bid at a home auction.

By all accounts, Mitchell wasn’t going to rest until Davey was reunited with his baggy green on the eve of a test that Johnson doesn’t feel he should even be playing in.

Johnson checked in between his couch cushions & behind the microwave in his relentless search for the hat.

A source close to Johnson told The Times,

“Right now, Mitch is going door to door and asking every single person in Sydney if they found his bestie’s hat. It’s hard to describe how important this issue is for him. He’s literally howling into the air and asking how God could exist when he allows this sort of evil to exist”

Not only has Johnson put up $50k of his own money for the return of the cap but he’s also reportedly penned an article about how Australia should dedicate its full military power to the recovery of this hat. The source continued,

“Considering he was heavily implying Warner wasn’t fit to even wear the baggy green a few weeks ago this is a massive turnaround. I think I even saw Johnson sobbing over the thought of little Davey going out there without one”

As it currently stands, the most likely situation is that someone has ganked Warner’s hat from Qantas. However, there is also a very real possibility Qantas shat the bed on this one too.

Either way, Johnson will be burning the midnight oil looking for that sporting icon.

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