Davo from Kwinana defies Uncle Chen to smoke while on a 72-hour shift down a mine like he reckons he did in the good ol days

Davo an ex-FIFO worker from Kwinana, has laughed at viral footage of Chinese long-distance runner, Uncle Chen, completing a marathon while choofing down darts along way the way. 

Not only did Uncle Chen choof darts while running the marathon but he completed it in under 4 hours. A respectable time if you ask anyone else except Davo who disrespectfully disagreed. He told The Times,

“Yeah go on, blow it out ya arse Chen. That’s fark all. Punching durries on a little jog in the countryside, mate, could do that with one lung. I used to chain smoke while working 72 hour shifts in 60 degree heat and that was in the shade ya mutt”

Davo went on to lament the new OH&S standards that forbid smoking in many areas on mine sites. Rambling about how his generation was tougher and he’d often work be required to haul raw ore up on his back when the machinery broke down. All the while, puffing darts. He continued,

“Why is everyone so amazed by this little jogging bloke anyway. If you want to know what’s hard to smoke during, try single-handedly pushing a large dump truck off a bloke’s leg after an accident. Cos I done that too”

It was apparent that the more worked up Davo got about the viral footage of Uncle Chen the bigger his nose was growing. Each tale of “back in the day” mining cowboyism was more outlandish than the last. 

After he’d settled down somewhat. He had a final point to make. Taking a long, thorough skol of his 5th Double Jacks can he told The Times,

“Nowadays everyone vapes like a… uhhh better not say that word again ha ha, that’s why I’m unemployed at the moment ay fkn snowflakes”

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