Dhufish Ban Expected To Deplete Stocks Of Fresh Tinder Photos In 2023

Critics of WA’s fiercely contested legislation to help safeguard the survival of local demersal fish such as dhueys and snapper has the nation’s horndogs concerned.

The ban on fishing for dhueys is especially troublesome for these gentleman as the apparent king of online dating profile pics is a man standing proudly with a monsterous dhuey that his mate probably caught.

We spoke to Jai who said he relied on fresh dhuey snaps to keep his ocean of poon flowing and even went as far to describe the 6 month as a disasterous. Adding,

“All good fishos know you need the right bait. That’s why I’m swimming in it mate. Everyone knows that a WA girl can’t resist the king of the deep seas mate”

Jai went on to lament the proposed ban that would see three 2 months bans in WA to catch to prized fish. He says he may have to rely on raiding craypots but only a monster crustacean would do. Adding,

“you see a bloke in a camo wet suit holding a fuckoff cray and you don’t want to suck the sweet meat outta them? But it has gotta be fuckoff sized. A normal cray ain’t getting nothing wet”

WA was quick to respond. Advising Tinder pests to stock up on Tinder display pics while the getting was good. A spokesperson told The Times,

“We all have to adjust to the evolving challenges we face. To safeguard demersal fish stocks we are asking the hornbags to get creative. Bring two BCF shirts with you and get double the content per trip. Those Tinderallas will be none the wiser”

No doubt it’s tough times for these cretins. Let’s hope they can high grade enough monsters to meet their thirsty needs.

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