Eagles fan hoping Freo win tonight just to see Eddie’s glorious meltdown 

A staunch Eagles supporter has managed to overcome his burning hatred of Flagmantle by focusing on the meltdown Eddie Everywhere will have should the Dockers get up.

Earlier in the week, Adam was adamant that he would mercilessly boo the screen every time Freo got their mitts on the pill but after some soul searching told The Times,

“Can I just say that Flagmantle can still suck my leathery ballbag but I have come to the realisation that seeing Eddie’s stupid face lose the plot will be more satisfying than the hollow victory of Freo’s journey ending”

Adam says he developed a more intense dislike for Eddie over the years due to the inability to avoid him every time he turns on his TV. He continued,

“When WA informed Eddie that he wasn’t able to fly in for the Grand Final last year was the best day of my life. Thinking about that pompous Pies shitbag do his nana filled me with a pleasure I can’t describe. I almost started playing with *it*”

To suppress his natural instinct to enjoy Freo choke, Adam will have his eyes on the prize. Which shouldn’t be hard given the footage will pan to Eddie every 5 seconds anyway. 

Not only has Adam been able to make peace with Flagmantle but he feels unity with every other team that isn’t Collingwood. We spoke to a Shitney Swan’s supporter who told The Times,

“I’m not saying I like Freo but I’d much rather see them compete against the Swans in the grand final than fkn Collingwood. Imagine going to the game and being surrounded by that kind of filth”

Thanks, Eddie for bringing us all together again. 

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