Fred Again sells out show at Butler Traino Within Minutes

British DJ and cult hero Fred Again has notched up another impressive achievement under his belt – selling out a show at the Butler traino within minutes of releasing the tickets.

The DJ sold a lazy 30k+ tickets to his Langley Park show but felt he needed to give something back to the heart & soul of his fanbase – British bag fiends.

A source close to the DJ told The Times,

“Fred is obviously internationally known now but he always has respect for the fans from his homeland who supported him in the beginning. Once he heard about the concentration of chavs in Butler he instantly announced a second show”

With heavy security, Fred will play a 2 hour set at the traino the delight of the limey freaks dancing around like energizer bunnies with electrodes attached to their bollocks.

We tracked down a Butler chav who said he expected people to come from as far as Clarkson for the show. Adding,

“It’s Fred Again innit, the great man, the one man festival bruv, gonna get propah munted at that show”

Fred Again selling out a second show has come as music to Australia’s ears as they put into motion their plan to entrap the DJ and force him to prop up the nation’s failing music festival industry.

Cheers Fred.

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