Eagles banner to be pre-torn in half to prevent risk of a player injuring themselves on the crêpe paper

West Coast fans are undeniably excited at the return of the banner for all home games. Alas, the return of the banner comes with a bit of a condition.

West Coast’s player management team have decided that it’s best that the injury prone side runs through a pre-torn version of the banner to prevent any further injuries.

In this version the players will not run into any paper at all and sail through the ready-made holes.

A spokesperson for West Coast told The Times,

“We don’t want anyone even blowing on one of our players right now. We’re under a lot of pressure to reduce injuries and you just never know with crêpe paper, it can be tricky”

The precautions come after a number of high profile injuries in the pre-season and a real gut-punch of an injury to Oscar Allen in the opening game against Port.

A source close to the coach has echoed the sentiments and told The Times that the boys aren’t ready to face an opponent like crêpe paper yet.

The precaution will be reassessed mid-season based on the length of that injury list.

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