Video showing the absurdity of Perth Airport’s 6-minute free window to drop-off/pick-up

Perth Airport offers punters the exciting opportunity of paying no fee provided they can get the job done in 6 minutes or less.

6 minutes plenty of time you might say? Well, maybe it would be if it wasn’t for the labyrinthian hell that awaits you.

Not to mention the very real likelihood of being stuck behind Perth drivers. It is Perth Airport after all. This man timed his run and refused to pay when he missed the free period by a bee’s dick.

Check out the video below:

Perth Airport this is BS! They are charging people for overstaying when you spend majority of the time stuck in traffic. I flat out refused and told them to open up the gate. Do not pay people!!!
byu/Ok-Bullfrog-3791 inperth

To cater for the humpty dumpties that frequent Perth Airport and the poorly designed roads you’d imagine 10-15 minutes would be a fair amount of time.

Moral of the story is stand up for yourself and refuse to pay if you miss the 6 minute window scam.

By all accounts the staff are lovely so don’t take it out on them.

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