Fully Grown Man Seems To Think Part Time BP Attendant Sets The Price of Fuel

Despite living on this planet for 40 years, a local Commodore driver clearly seems to think that the part-time employee behind the register at BP is directly to blame for his fuel bill. 

Yes, it appears, the bogan scholar has not turned his mind to the many market factors and ultimate responsibility of the wholesaler/retailer to decide the price of petrol. Instead, placing all the blame on the very last person in the supply chain. 

Daryl was seen “losing his shit” at the 26-year-old who was working a part-time job to support herself through an engineering degree. She told us,

“He charged in after putting about $100 of fuel in his car. There was slag already forming around his mouth as he started to bark at me from the door, he kept asking if I thought he was made of money. I got covered in angry-juices”

As this was the 4th time this month that Daryl has rolled into the same petrol station running off vapours, the answer was a resounding, “no”. 

Witnesses allege that Daryl then whipped out his phone and started filming the attendant while scuttling around like a deranged crab demanding answers. 

Answers a student and part-time worker may not have for him. As shockingly, she has absolutely 0 input in the decision-making.

A witness to the scene tried to calm Daryl down by telling him that there was cheaper fuel elsewhere around the city and he didn’t have to pay $2.04 if he didn’t want to. 

This only angered Daryl as he began ranting at both the good intervener and the attendant that he’ll fill up when and where he god damn wants to. Noting there wasn’t a damn person on this Earth that will tell him what to do.

Similarly, Daryl appears to be labouring under the belief that the same attendant is directly responsible for his favourite chocolates not being offered for a 2’fa special. 

In news that will surprise absolutely no one, Daryl has also failed to do a single thing to mitigate his fuel usage while the prices are high. 

A friend of Daryl told us,

“He almost punched me in the face when I suggested he take the bus a couple of times a week. He said he’d go broke before he is ever forced to catch public transport in Perth”

Similarly, when his brother suggested they carpool to some of their afternoon pub sessions, Daryl exploded in anger. His brother told us,

“He said if that smug turd behind the counter at his petrol station wasn’t bending him over a barrel then he wouldn’t have to even consider carpool. He just kept saying that he drives. Daryl drives”

We understand Daz hasn’t been this worked up since assaulting a 16-year-old who told him he’d need to pay 15c for a plastic bag a coupla years ago. 

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