Gina Rinehart takes majority stake in Bunbury Farmers Market, hopes to have parking attendants fully automated by ‘24

Gina Rinehart now has a controlling interest in the Bunbury Farmers Market after recently buying in.

By all accounts, she is keen to incorporate what she’s learned from mining to make the business more efficient.

At the top of her priority list is to replace the parking attendants currently dealing with the chaos of Perth commuters on their way douth with robots. Just like at Roy Hill. A source close to Gina told The Times,

“It doesn’t matter if it’s iron ore or a local community farmers market. Staff are the enemy of profit! Sure automation technology isn’t perfect, just ask BHP’s train but we think a series of robots controlling the aggro Perth driver shitshow in the car park is a good step forward”

The robots are being specifically programmed with AI as relying on traditional logic would not be a good fit in the car park.

A robotics expert working on the project told The Times that it was a challenging assignment given the unpredictable and illogical nature of the Perth fresh produce seeker. Adding,

“We’ve been collecting massive amounts of data from the Bunbury site’s car park as well as other notorious spots in Perth and the South West. Basically, we need our robots to be able to predict just how badly a driver is going to cook the instructions they are given. Whether intentional or otherwise”

The robots will also have to understand the full spectrum of abuse that will be thrown their way and be able to convey sophisticated negotiation techniques to diffuse biffo.

We understand that the robots will be trialled during the Xmas holidays and if all goes well the car park could be fully automated as early as 2024.

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