CoP to homeless women – why do you deserve free short term accommodation when our ratepayer’s Airbnbs are sitting there empty?

The City of Perth led by Basil Zempilas has refused WA funding to keep Ruah’s Safe Night Space open citing that the offer is essentially too little too late.

The centre provided essential short-term crisis accommodation for the city’s most vulnerable residents. Many were escaping domestic violence and further hard nights out on the street.

Now, the City of Perth is asking homeless women to consider the true victims during this cost of living & accommodation crisis – East Perth ratepayers.

In particular, those who own secondary investment apartments in the area that are listed on Airbnb for a VERY reasonable $300 per night. A source close to the City of Perth told The Times,

“It’s just pure entitlement isn’t it. Wanting freebies when mum & dad investors are realising they may have bitten off more than they could chew in the Airbnb game. Either help them out or go and be homeless in Midland, or wherever”

Of course, it’s not every East Perth ratepayer who kicked up a fuss. Just the ones with the loudest voice. We spoke to one who wishes to remain anonymous who told The Times,

“If you’ve got money for alcohol then you’ve got money for my Airbnb. At least then you’ll be off the street and I won’t have to avoid eye contact with you when I take a little walk through the park in the evening. Do you know how draining it is to pretend a fellow human being doesn’t exist?”

The CoP even considered giving the desperate women vouchers for 10% off their next Airbnb booking provided they booked for over a week.

Life is tough for a lot of people right now but it always pays to maintain your perspective and focus on those who need the most help in East Perth.

After all, how many egregious cleaning fees are they going to be able to ream people with if the City feels too unsafe to stay in?

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