WAAPA Student Starts Repping The 6110 Hard Ahead Of Gosnells Hollywood Bonanza

An aspiring WAAPA student has dropped her usual cloak of shame around her birth suburb and has embraced the 6110 after learning that a Hollywood film will be shot in the humble Perth suburb of Gosnells. 

Speaking to The Times, Chantelle admits that she hasn’t always flown the Gozzies flag however realises that this is her chance to finally be proud of where she came from. Adding,

“OMG the entire world will have their eyes on Gosnells. Once Hollywood sees the real Gozzies they will have no choice but to hire me. Look at all these tatts I got. It’s the Gozzy look!”

Some members of her family told Chantelle that she was crazy splashing that much cash on 3 different Gozzy’s postcode tatts but has found an unlikely supporter in grandma. Who told The Times,

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“She was always a very ordinary actress but I think she has found her true calling as an Ogden’s Hotel extra. It’s always what I told her mother she’d be and I think the tattoos are very fitting”

Luckily for Chantelle her plan was spot on the money. After posting her new look on Insta she is being offered new roles in several high profile movies coming up. Including Avengers: Gozzies and Avatar: The 6110.

Casting directors have already been impressed with her ability to blow clouds out of a Commodore window that they have offered to meet with her in GOZZYWOOD. Exciting times.

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