Impatient Perth storm fanatic doesn’t realise warnings aren’t specific to his exact address

Dan has once again taken to social media to call everyone involved in predicting Perth weather a time-wasting muppet given the unsatisfactory amount of bad weather he is experiencing at his Willetton abode. 

Dan has been targeting most of his vitriol towards weather-based FB pages and makes no apologies for doing so. Claiming that it’s a boy calling wolf sort of situation. However, could there be a simpler solution?

No. Not according to Dan. To prove his point he posted on a storm warning article an hour ago stating,

“9 am, blue skies as far as i can see where I am??? This storm come or more lies?!? YOUS MUPEPTS COULDNT LIE STRATE IN BED!!!!!”

And this certainly wasn’t an isolated anger-cell brewing in Dan’s mind. As he spent the better part of his morning demanding to know why his area wasn’t experiencing the promised apocalypse yet. 

Well, at 10:15 am, a brave individual decided to give Dan some answers. He replied to Dan’s comment,

“Just be patient. You do realise different parts of Perth will experience different weather at times right? It can be raining NOR and not SOR. How do you not know this?”

Dan didn’t much appreciate being challenged and went on an impassioned rant about always missing out on the good storms and how it’s all just a conspiracy against the little guy. 

He then decided to call out a Bunbury resident on their claims they had thunder, lightning and wild weather. To back up his rebuttal he posted a clear blue sky from his Perth suburban home. 

Checkmate, liar. Dan has got your number. 

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