Leeming residents call for the renaming of mighty footy dynasty given the club is clearly in Leeming territory

A handful of Leeming residents have had a gutful of the sequence of names comprising the mighty Bull Creek Leeming Footy Club. 

We spoke to a concerned resident who said the club started its life in Bateman and moved to Beasley Park in 1984 which is “clearly in Leeming”. He told The Times,

“We aren’t asking for much just for Leeming to be recognised as being host to the heartland of the Bombers and for all the smug Bull Creek residents to show us some respect”

Another Leeming resident said that Leeming always felt like the “younger brother” while clearly stepping up to the plate to provide an oval that champions have played on. Adding,

“Ben Cousins and Shane Woewodin cut their teeth for the Leeming Bull Creek Footy Club and that wouldn’t have been possible if we had to find some scummy oval in Bull Creek to establish our club”

However, Bull Creek residents are not having a bar of the “wacky” demands. A proud Bull Creek resident told The Times,

“Leeming, where is it anyway? Wrong side of South St. If anything Leeming should be struck from the record entirely”

Naturally, the club has no intention of changing the name but respects that some Leeming residents may feel a sense of suburban pride. 

No doubt a diplomatic path to take given these same trouble-making residents want the club’s anthem to be replaced by Jebadiah banger “leaving home” in honour of Leeming SHS most famous alumni.

Despite being born in Bull Creek but you have to take what you can get in Leeming.

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