Local woman’s CNY red envelopes feeling a little light after failing to get into medicine

Wendy was understandably a little nervous before Chinese New Year this weekend after failing to secure a postgraduate spot in UWA medicine.

Her fears that the news had spread were quickly confirmed on CNY eve at the reunion dinner.

She could feel the harsh side eyes of her aunties and uncles as she tried to beat around the bush of what she was currently up to. She told The Times,

“The tension was thick in the air when I walked in. I could tell my mum’s sister felt disgusted by my very presence and she said she was surprised to see me in the restaurant given I have trouble getting into places”

After what could be described as a festive shaming Wendy figured perhaps the worst of it was over. Perhaps it would have been if she hadn’t foolishly told them her plans to apply to Notre Dame.

She had detonated a weapon of mass shamestruction and it was only a matter of time until she felt the blast. We even asked her uncle what he thought about Wendy, he told The Times,

“Wendy? Who is that?”

The next day during her family’s Chinese New Year dinner the red packets started getting distributed and she couldn’t help thinking hers felt a little light on this year.

We spoke to one of Wendy’s aunties who said she wanted to put a Hungry Jack’s voucher in Wendy’s red packet given that’s what she’s clearly more suited for.

On the flipside, Wendy’s brother who had begun working as a doctor could barely handle the weight of his red packets. It was undeniable that it wasn’t so much the year of the dragon it was the year of him.

Finally, Wendy accepted her status as the black sheep of the family when her Aunty “miscounted” the chopsticks and left her with none before serving dinner.

When Wendy enquired about where to get some her Aunty asked her brother to go with her given that she might have to work out how to open a drawer to retrieve them.

Better luck next intake Wendy.

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