Perth homeowner wants house triple bricked after hotter than average summer predicted 

In an unorthodox move, a Perth homeowner is seeking quotes from builders to get an extra layer of bricks added to his house after hearing BOM has predicted a hotter-than-average summer for Perth and Western Australia. 

Being a staunch double brick fan, Alan feels that adding another layer of bricks is a “no-brainer” and religiously believing in the power of bricks is his birthright as a Western Australian. He told The Times,

“This State was built on bricks. We were sold the brick dream and I swallowed it and asked for seconds! Now I’m wanting thirds”

Alas, the news from builders isn’t good. Clearly happy to take his money they were at pains to tell Alan that his house was already built. Meaning the act of triple bricking would be quite the project. Nevertheless, Alan has told the builders that money is no object and nothing will get between him and his triple brick dream.

We spoke to Alan who was getting ready to pull his airconditioner off the wall. Being so assured he’ll never need it again once yet another layer of heat-absorbing bricks was added to his property. He told The Times,

“I’d live in a giant brick if I could. Well, I essentially do. It makes sense right, double brick is the ultimate hot-climate building material so obviously triple brick is even better. No matter what 80% of the country says”

In addition to the triple bricking, Alan is also looking at adding an extra layer of black tiles to his roof. This should give his house even more insulation and protect him from the heatwaves.

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